Respect Means an Improved Contract for Lecs

Today and Every Friday: Bargaining from 9 am until 4 or 5 pm.

Put it on your weekly schedule…we will only get a strong contract if we show up and demand it (history as well as the current political climate shows this to be true).

Sometimes bargaining finishes early but you can come for any part of the day that you can make it. Usually there is a sign at the Info desk to direct you where to go. This week (today!) JANUARY 12, we will be in Palmer Commons on AA Central Campus, in the Great Lakes North Conference Room on the 6th Floor. During the day we move between the bargaining room and the caucus room, which is where LEO-only folks hang out to discuss how negotiations are going, eat lunch and drink coffee, actively work on our proposals, and more. And we need folks from all three campuses to represent… if you can get to AA, come sit in the bargaining room, or talk to organizers in the caucus room to get updates and info, and participate in the conversation! So far the administration has not been willing to do much negotiating on our proposals… we need to show them we are entitled to the respect these contract improvements will offer.

Lately on social media, we’ve also started sharing stories of things that have happened to members that we are fighting to prevent from happening to others. If you have a story to share in writing or on video, let us know! We’re trying to show the administration who we are, the work we do across campuses and disciplines, and the ways that we’ve been treated unjustly. If you’ve been in bargaining, you may have heard LEOs give statements about the work they do in Computer Science and STAMPS in Ann Arbor, work comparable to tenure-line work, work that goes above and beyond the short time spent with students in classrooms but that enhances students’ educational experiences many times over. In STAMPS, many Lec IIs are nationally recognized artists, they run programs and do serious administrative work in their departments, and the administration refuses to create more Lec III positions that would give them more job security, pay, and recognition for the work that they do.

In another school, a LEO lecturer going through a major review was denied the customary raise because the department thought that lecturer was already being paid enough.

denied raise

There are so many stories. If you work in Dearborn or Flint we especially want to hear from you. Let us know about the work you do that benefits students and the ways you have felt disrespected as a professional. Contact us to find out more or tell us your story.

Come to bargaining today. Come next Fri. Come to Bargaining in Dearborn on Feb 9 and in Flint in March. Bring colleagues. Help share stories of LEOs on social media. Let an organizer know if you want to get involved more… there’s plenty to do because WE ARE ALL LEO AND THIS IS OUR CONTRACT. 

And come hang out and meet other Lecturers Fri, Jan 19 at the Social:

social jan 19

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