$1000 and Clarity

Tonight, we went to the bargaining table and received a counteroffer from the University on salary. You’ll get a detailed update from the bargaining team soon, with numbers and details. I’ll only say, speaking as one guy who was in the room, that tonight was immensely clarifying.

Our salary proposal struck the university’s bargaining team as ambitious and “imprudent.” In view of this institution’s annual endowment, what we asked for is comparable to the losses incurred by a slight correction in the stock market. Compared to the amount of revenue we generate for this university, it is hardly a large fraction. And yet they do not think we are worth it. They offered us an increase in starting salary of … around $1000.

We now know that for certain that the bargaining team does not think our labor is important to this university. We now know that we will have to demonstrate, over the course of the rest of this semester, that it is, and, if necessary, that the university cannot function for a moment without us. It’s good to have that question settled.

Tomorrow, from some other members of the communications team, you’ll be hearing about some ways that you can act this week to make that point, starting with a grade-in and the Regents’ Meeting Thursday afternoon! Be sure to block off some time that day. It’ll be well worth it.

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